Free OTI Taster Sessions

The OTI Community is a wonderful place of friendship and connection, full of likeminded people who want to help each other to live their lives to the full without alcohol. 


Of course, it's also private - only our members can see each other's posts and interact with each other on our daily Zoom calls. 


Protecting our members' privacy is hugely important, which means that we can tell you how fabulous the community is but you can't experience how fabulous it is for yourself... Until now!


Every two weeks, we offer Free Zoom Taster Sessions for people who like the idea of OTI and who feel as if connection would benefit them, but who want to try before they buy...


Hosted by either Shaz or Ben, these Free Taster Zooms are run exactly like we run our Zoom calls within the community - you'll get to meet other people who are either already alcohol-free or intending to be, hear their stories, and see if it's for you.