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Jenny Downs

AF Coach


Jenny is an accredited Alcohol Free Coach & holds a Diploma in Positive Coaching. She is over 1000 days AF and knows how tough it can be choosing to remove alcohol from your life. Jenny can support you to stop drinking and tailor an approach to help to create your new alcohol free life. Learn strategies to help you deal with triggers, keep motivated and wake up feeling great. If you feel you want to regain control of your life, make that call and find freedom, health, happiness and a better, hangover free lifestyle. Real change starts with you.

Kate, OTI

After countless day ones, Jenny’s coaching set me on my way to 100 days and then 6 months. She helped me get through a friend’s very boozy 40th weekend and then Christmas without touching a drop. Jenny’s coaching not only helped me get through these events, it also helped me to enjoy them! I can’t recommend her coaching enough

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