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"I took a break from alcohol over two years ago. I had been a middle lane drinker for over 40 years but it had become a habit and one that I knew I had to change before I could make any other positive changes in my life.


I had no idea how great the impact would be by just removing that one thing from the equation.


In the last two years I have achieved more than I could ever have imagined - my own sense of well-being has improved enormously, I’ve lost weight, gained clarity of thought, time and energy, completed self development courses, a course to become a Nutrition and Weight Management advisor and most recently have completed an accredited  Diploma in Positive Coaching becoming a Life Coach specialising in Alcohol Free coaching.


With life coaching and alcohol free coaching my aim is to help and support people who want to change their relationship with alcohol in any way and unlock their true potential."

Sara Tiplady
ICF accredited Diploma in Positive Coaching
AreteWay Alcohol-Free/Sober Coach