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Alcohol Limits on All-Inclusive Holidays in Spain

Spanish Islands such as Ibiza and Majorca are cracking down on alcohol consumption due to the behaviour of tourists.

Resorts will now be limited in the number of alcoholic drinks they can serve per day, even to those who have purchased ‘all-inclusive’ packages.

On top of this, bar crawls have been banned and alcohol will stop being sold in shops past 9:30pm. There will also be a higher police presence in such areas and more regular inspections.

Whilst tourism is essential in these areas, there are reports that the type of tourism they are attracting is negative and unwanted. Anti-social behaviour, which is much of the time directly impacted by alcohol, is causing these areas to become less attractive, and those in charge want to see this change.

Brits are renowned for their messy drinking whilst abroad, and this legislation has sparked controversy. People have reported feeling ‘cheated’ as they have been limited in the number of alcoholic drinks they can consume at hotels offering all-inclusive deals.

This illuminates how so many of us believe we have to drink whilst on holiday in order to fully enjoy it or have fun. Perhaps such rules will encourage people to realise that this isn’t necessarily the case.

Of course, no one likes being on holiday and incurring extra costs that they didn’t foresee. But such enforcements may have been necessary for the situation that these party spots find themselves in.

Hopefully going forward establishments will be clearer on what they can offer in such situations: three drinks with lunch and three with dinner.

Whether or not these rules will be effective or not remains to be seen.

What do you think about the new legislation?

Should there be a limit on the number of drinks people are allowed if they have purchased an all-inclusive deal?

Leave a comment below!

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