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Boxing Day Clear of Beer Fear

Boxing Day Beer Fear: A Poem

Your heart beats loudly in your chest

You peel your eyes open, to look at the mess

Wrappers and paper, odd game bits and tinsel

You feel like you’ve acted a little bit sinful

The smell of Baileys washes over you, as you try to sit up

It’s the aftermath of having a right ol’ booze-up

The Christmas tree looks like it’s been rocked around

Festive hits play noisily in the background

You hold your head and pray for the nausea to pass

Taking a sip from what you hope is water in a nearby glass

You think back to last night, playing detective

But your memory seems a little selective

You can’t shake this feeling that something is wrong

You hope everyone is still getting along

Christmas drama comes back to you, in little snippets

You thump your chest in an attempt not to be sick

Never again, you say with a sigh

Well, at least not until next Christmas comes by

Before this year, Christmas was characterised (for me) by a lot of hangxiety

This hangxiety is known to some as beer fear.

I’d spend hungover days painfully attempting to recall the night previous, cringing at the small details that I could remember. Work parties, uni nights out, and family get-togethers during the Christmas period were all coloured with slight hints of regret and shame.

This year, things have been totally different. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bit of a worrier at the best of times. I’m certainly not trying to insinuate that this winter has been entirely anxiety-free. Far from it!

But in the face of worry, I have managed to cultivate a sense of calm and peace. I’ve brought (most of) my presents on time, I haven’t done anything (too) embarrassing, and I’ve managed to keep on top of (some of) my work!

Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that this time last year I felt a lot of beer fear. I was all too familiar with waking up the morning after, sweating and panicked about not being able to remember what I’d said or done.

This was always especially true on...

Boxing Day!

Christmas day is often when people get together with their extended family. (AKA people you don’t want to get blind drunk in front of. Sorry nanny Pat - you didn't deserve to see me in that state!)

Having my family around should've stopped me getting blind drunk, but it didn't!

I was in love with alcohol, especially at Christmas time. I attributed every moment of love, fun, and joy at Christmas to drinking!

But, with retrospect, it’s clear to see that the opposite is true.

Big, fiery, family arguments were reserved for the holiday season, and my bouts of loud sobbing weren’t uncommon on Christmas night.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you’ve woken up beer fear-free this Boxing Day.

Being sober at this time of year isn’t easy to say the least. So, if you’re hanging in there or have managed to cut down this festive season, well done you!

If you haven’t, try not to worry. Take some deep breaths, have a cup of tea, and try again. Each moment is a new one – and you can do anything.

Boxing Day Clear of Beer Fear: A Poem

You enjoy a big yawn at 7am

Your throat feels surprisingly clear of phlegm

Loved ones trickle in, all wanting to cuddle you

Even the pets are happy with their new toy to chew

You remember Christmas, the good and the bad

Even the sleepy, the happy, and the tiny bit sad

Emotions are natural, you remind yourself with a smile

It doesn’t mean you should increase them with a boozy lifestyle

You feel amazing as you stand up and stretch

The place is sort of tidy… and there’s no nasty stench

People are happy, no one is fighting

This Christmas is sobering… even enlightening

Taking away drink doesn’t remove the fun

It lets us be there, feel it, laugh, smile and run

You feel grateful for everything in your life

As you notice the lack of drama and strife

You inwardly chuckle as you realise

You're happy this Christmas to say to booze – BYE!

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