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New Book Release: Say No to Alcohol

Many people know that alcohol isn’t doing them any favours, but don’t know where to start when it comes to alcohol-free living.

Many of us don’t feel our sparkly best-selves after a night of heavy drinking, but don’t know specifically how alcohol harms the body.

Many of us think about cutting down or giving up, but don’t want to sacrifice our crutch or means of having fun.

If you are one of these people, fear not! Summersdale Publishers Ltd are releasing a brand-new top-tip book by Caroline Roope on the 9th of December: Say No to Alcohol.

Whilst the title might sound a little extreme, this book isn’t only for those who want to say bye to booze completely. It’s a helpful, non-judgemental, and practical guide for those who want to cut down on or give up alcohol.

Written in short, easy-to-understand sections, this book gives hands-on advice and tips for those who need it.

Chapters include...

· What’s So Bad About Alcohol?

· Where to Start

· Cutting Out Alcohol

· Keeping It Up

· Alcohol-Free Options and Recipes

This book bluntly lays down the facts about why ‘booze is not your buddy’, whilst maintaining an understanding of the difficulties we might face when we try and ditch the beer.

Like we at OTI believe, reducing our alcohol intake can have a myriad of benefits, and so it’s worth at least considering your relationship with alcohol.

From saving money to being happier, from looking after your health to wanting to remember your Friday nights, there is no wrong reason to want to change your life for the better! Whatever your motivation, Say No to Alcohol offers support and easy-to-follow guidance on your journey.

In the introduction, the book begins by questioning why we believe in alcohol so strongly, wondering whether the things alcohol promises us are really true at all. From here, it neatly and concisely lays out facts and research regarding health, wealth, mental health, and alcohol-related accidents.

When it has got the facts straight, this book moves on to practical advice, guidance, and support to help you give up or cut down for good. It even shows you how to create your own healthier, alcohol-free alternatives to drinking!

Keep an eye on the OTI page and save the date (9th December) if you’d like to get your hands on a copy!

Peace and Love,

The OTI team

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