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OTI Member Stories: Charlotte

I can’t believe I’ve finally made 100 days!

I have previously done Dry January 3-4 times over the years and in 2020 I got to 93 days then 10 days into the pandemic I started ‘grey area’ drinking again, mistakenly thinking I needed alcohol to de-stress and unwind. I knew I felt so much better being alcohol free and it just gets better.

So on 30th May 2021 after turning 40 last November I decided… THIS IS IT!

I’ve given it my all. I have engrossed myself in ‘Quit Lit’ listened to countless podcasts - especially ‘Over The Influence’ - whose open and supporting community has spurred me on. I feel incredibly proud of myself.

Honestly, it’s been easy. I feel like there’s been a huge shift in my brain, I truly don’t feel like I’m missing anything… only gaining.

I’ve experienced an alcohol free holiday, meals with friends, spa days and I’ve not yearned for a glass of fizz or Sauvignon at all. I feel I am more present for my boys, sleep better, have clearer eyes and skin. It has given me clarity to know I do not want to waste another Sunday morning feeling hungover.

Life is short and I want to experience it all without the numbing effects of booze!

You shouldn’t have to wait until there is a problem to look at your relationship with alcohol!

Already it's one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Thanks for the support Shaz, Freddie and Ben xxx

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