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Sober Celebs

As a sober person, I often feel like I’m alone. I have to remind myself that there’s a huge community of sober folk that are out there supporting each other. Not only that, but there are actually a lot of sober famous people to feel inspired by, too.

There’s little news coverage of sober celebrities, which can make it seem like they don’t exist. Most big celeb stories we hear about involve glitz, glamour, and Champagne. However, there are tonnes of sober famous people. Just because the world of fame seems to be saturated with drugs and booze, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of role models for us alcohol-free lot.

Alcohol-Free Celebs

Natalie Portman

Elton John

Shania Twain

Tyler, The Creator

Zac Efron

Bradley Cooper

Tyra Banks

Robert Downey Jr.

Naomi Campbell

Lana Del Ray


Lily Allen

Calvin Harris

Blake Lively

Daniel Radcliffe

Russell Brand

Kendrick Lamar

Jennifer Lopez

Matthew Perry

Brad Pitt


Jim Carrey

Colin Farrell

Ewan McGregor

Kelly Osbourne

Miley Cyrus

Samuel L. Jackson

Holly Ramsay

Demi Lovato

Charlie Sheen

Chrissy Teigen

Kate Moss

Tom Hardy

Jennifer Hudson

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jamie Lee Curtis

Anne Hathaway

Megan Fox

…and so many more!

For one reason or another, these celebrities have chosen to be alcohol-free. Some of the people listed here got sober after struggling with addiction and many used traditional routes like rehab or AA. Having lived through my own alcohol problems (which were only witnessed by a select few people close to me), I cannot imagine the resilience it takes to recover in the public eye. It is truly commendable, and yet another reminder that we aren’t alone.

Others never liked alcohol to begin with. When celebrities have reported this, people usually respond with scepticism. ‘How could you not like alcohol?!’ people will ask, dumbfounded. But for many, alcohol didn’t sit right with them from the start. It wasn’t and isn’t fun for everyone. It takes strength to go against the masses and choose not to drink, especially when your private life isn’t that private!

Of course, there is no reason why sober celebrities are any more important than us in the regular sober community. But it’s good to know that they do exist and that they are out there spreading a pro-sobriety message. They have a big enough platform to make a huge difference.

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