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Ben Anderson

AF Coach

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Ben is over two years alcohol-free and is the co-host of the Over The Influence Podcast. Ben didn't mean to go alcohol-free - he initially gave up for three months, with the full intention of returning to drinking once the three month deadline hit. But AF life suited him - and he truly believes that anyone can benefit from giving up alcohol, no matter what kind of drinker you are. Ben runs his own podcast production business, Sound Rebel, and  holds a Diploma in Coaching & Positive Psychology, accredited by the International Coaching Federation & The Association for Coaching.

Michael, Brussels

"Ben’s an awesome coach - he's friendly, constructive and non-judgmental.  We found a nice balance between exploring topics broadly whilst also getting on with specific tasks. Our conversations helped to me reduce the amount of headspace alcohol took up and enabled me to reframe things for a healthier and more positive outlook."

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