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If you're looking for sober connection... You've come to the right place!

  • Monthly Membership

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    £24.99 per month (only 0.82p a day)
    • Instant Access to our Global Community
    • Premium Podcast Episodes
    • Member-to-Member Zoom Calls
    • Shaz and Ben Hosted Zoom Calls
    • Exclusive AF Discussion Forums
    • Masterclasses with World-Class Experts
    • OTI Chat for Private Messaging
    • Front Row Seats to our Podcast Recordings

    Annual Membership

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    £249 per year and get 2 months FREE (only 0.68p a day)
    • Instant Access to our Global Community
    • Premium Podcast Episodes
    • Member-to-Member Zoom Calls
    • Shaz and Ben Hosted Zoom Calls
    • Exclusive AF Discussion Forums
    • Masterclasses with World-Class Experts
    • OTI Chat for Private Messaging
    • Front Row Seats to our Podcast Recordings
Pricing Plans

Benefits of joining our alcohol-free community include:

- Daily Zoom Calls

- Exclusive AF Discussion Forums

- OTI Member Messenger

- The OTI On-The-Go App

- OTI Premium Podcast Episodes

- Front Row Seats to OTI Podcast Recordings

- Member Discounts on 1-2-1 Support

- Exclusive Access to OTI Classes & Courses

- Priority Booking & Member Discounts on OTI Events

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Joining the OTI community was the best decision I made for my sobriety. Previous failed attempts at stopping drinking were when I was doing this on my own... Connection is key and community was the missing piece of the puzzle, because I'm now over 100 days alcohol-free!



OTI has been crucial in my quest to build a life without alcohol that is not just about abstinence but about rediscovering my passions, dreams, and zest for life. I couldn't have chosen a wiser or more compassionate bunch of people to support me. Thanks to OTI, I'll soon be celebrating a whole year AF! 


Kaz & Tim

We went alcohol-free together in February 2022 after being sober curious for some time, and have never looked back! We loved listening to the OTI podcasts and decided to dive into the community which is friendly, fun and encouraging. Life is too short to spend it hungover!




How it Works

Become a member
Engage in the community
Complete your profile

Choose the annual or monthly membership that works for you. We offer flexible options for everyone which can be cancelled at any time, no contract.  Hundreds of people have joined us already and we can't wait to meet you!

Add a photo, update your bio and you're ready to start connecting!  You also have instant access to our exclusive AF content so listen to the Premium Podcasts, watch our Masterclass sessions and get stuck into reading the forums.

You get out of OTI what you put in!

Post in the Introduce Yourself forum, book on to a Zoom call now,

and start making real connections with people who understand where you are and share your purpose!

Need a helping hand? Just ask!


I have been alcohol-free for years now, and Over The Influence has been a huge part of my journey. I am reaching retirement and am looking forward to spending time doing things I enjoy whilst being fully present because of removing alcohol... And I plan to be the best AF granny I can be!

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For me the Over The Influence community is all about connecting with people in real life. I love the organised group events like the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge, but I have also made some amazing friends in the online community who are now friends I see in person all the time!

Got questions? We've got answers.

  • How do I join zooms?
    When you register for zooms either via the Members App or here on the website you will receive an email with the subject header 'Over The Influence Event Registration'. In the body of the email there are 2 links, Join Zoom and Add to calendar, if you add to your Calendar the zoom link saves here for easy access and saves you having to search your inbox for the email when it's time to join. There can sometimes be a delay in the confirmation email being delivered so we recommend registering for zooms in advance where possible. If you have any problems receiving the zoom links or accessing the zooms please contact Tech support Kelly or email
  • How do I manage the notifications I receive?
    To manage your notifications, click on the bell icon on the top right hand corner of your app and then the toggle (3 dots) icon on the top right hand corner from here.
  • How do I listen to the Premium Podcast for free as part of my Membership?
    You can listen to the Premium Podcast from the Members area on the website.
  • How do I listen to the Premium Podcast on Apple or Spotify?
    Subscribe to the Premium Podcast here for £5 per month
  • I am having some issues with my Mobile App
    If your App is failing to load or producing errors, it probably just needs an update. You can either find the App within your applications in the settings of your phone and manually update it from there or you can delete the App completely and reinstall using the following links. Apple App Store Google Play Store If you are still having issues once you have updated it, please contact Kelly via the email address below.
  • How do I update my payment card details?
    You can update your card details within the payments method section of your member profile.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    You can cencel your membership within the Memberships section of your profile.
  • Who do I contact for Technical Support?
    Please contact Kelly at
  • What do I get for my money?
    Over The Influence is all about connection – connecting with people who understand how you feel and who share your purpose – to live a happy life without alcohol in it! You can connect with members through our wonderful “Bring A Brew” Zoom calls hosted by Shazza, Ben and some of our more established members, by posting and commenting in the AF Discussion Forums, and by direct messaging members through OTI Chat. You also get more Shazza & Ben when you join us as your OTI membership gives you instant access to our weekly Premium Podcast and our video Masterclass sessions with people like William Porter, Sarah Connolly and Clare Pooley! Our goal with OTI was to create a place that was friendly, supportive and non-judgemental and we are delighted that it has become one of the happiest corners of the internet! By joining Over The Influence, you’re helping to support our mission – to encourage as many people as we can to see what their life is like without alcohol, because giving up alcohol is one of the most joyful things anyone can ever do!
  • Should I sign up for a yearly or monthly membership?
    That's completely up to you! If you sign up for a yearly membership, you essentially get two months of the year for free - but we understand that breaking down the cost to being monthly can be beneficial.
  • How long do I have to commit to being a member for?
    You may cancel your membership at any time within your account portal. Because of this flexibility (no contract, no minimum term) we don’t offer refunds on memberships, and if you cancel you will still be able to access OTI until the end of your payment term (for example, if you cancel in the middle of the month but paid at the start, you’ll still be able to access OTI for another couple of weeks).
  • Do I need to be completely alcohol free to join the community?
    No, you don’t have to be alcohol-free to join us… But you have to want to be alcohol-free. We have members at all different stages of their own alcohol-free journeys… From people who join us on Day 1 to a member who’s about to celebrate their 8th year AF! That’s one of the things we love the most about OTI – people who are new to AF life can see and learn from people who’ve cracked it, and our more experienced AF members love sharing their hints and tips with people who are at the beginning. You don't have to commit to never drinking again, but if you do decide to go back to drinking alcohol (maybe after a pre-determined period of time) then we'd ask you to end your participation within the community. And you know where we are if you decide to ditch the booze again!
  • What happens if I have a blip?
    If you have a blip, our advice is to jump on a Zoom call or post in the Discussion Forum as soon as you can! Our members will never judge anyone who admits to having a blip, because we understand that no journey is linear and we know how tough giving up alcohol can be. So, please don’t feel as if you have to leave us if you have a blip, or a slip up. That’s exactly the time to lean in to us more – we’re here to help you get back on track! Most of us have been there, and we completely understand it – after all, booze is everywhere.
  • Can I remain anonymous?
    Our community is a private members-only community, which means that only members can access the content in our Members Area – including all of our AF Discussion Forums. That’s one of the things people love the most about OTI… It’s not Facebook! Members can post without the anxiety that it will be seen by people that they don’t want to see it. We completely understand the desire to be anonymous… But we encourage all of our members to use their real name, and upload a real profile photo if they’re feeling brave enough. We share a lot about ourselves when we post in the forum or join a Zoom call, so we prefer to know a bit more about the person we’re talking to – but we also understand when new members would prefer to keep their camera off, or listen in to the first few Zoom calls. We are also incredibly passionate about OTI being a place where people are respectful and respected, and we feel as if anonymity on sites like Twitter or Facebook is one of the reasons that online trolling exists. We don’t want people to be able to hide behind a pseudonym – we want our community members to know they are connecting with genuine people, who are there to help and support them.
  • But I’m nervous!
    I know it’s easy to say, but you’ve got absolutely nothing to be nervous about – our community is full of lovely, friendly and supportive people who want to see you succeed! It’s natural to be nervous whenever you do something new, but we promise those nerves will evaporate quickly when you see how warmly you are welcomed in to OTI. Giving up alcohol is joyful and wonderful, but it also takes guts – you have to put yourself out of your normal comfort zone to start achieving things you never thought you’d be able to do. So, be brave and dive in when you join us – book on to a Zoom call, post in the Introduce Yourself forum, and start understanding why so many of our members have called OTI a game changer!
  • I’m worried I might need medical support to deal with my drinking - what should I do?
    If you need medical advice and addiction support, please contact your GP or other support services before considering joining our community. We are not medical professionals, we are not qualified experts, we are not counsellors. We are, however, expert ex-drinkers who understand how powerful connection with like-minded people can be. Should you need any further information about support services available please email us at or click on the 'Support Resources' section at the top of this page.
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