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1-2-1 Support

We sing about the joys of sobriety at OTI, but we know that it isn’t an easy thing to crack - especially if it's something you're new to.


No matter where you are in your alcohol-free journey, you may benefit from working 1-2-1 with one of our recommended coaches.

If you are interested in Counselling rather than Coaching, please contact us direct.

What is the difference between Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring?

Coaching, counselling and mentoring all support the individual in developing their self-awareness as well as their awareness of how the actions of others can impact them, their thoughts and their behaviours. 


However, they all take slightly different approaches: for example, coaching is largely focussed on building towards a positive future and often has a goals-orientated approach, whilst counselling often concentrates more on healing past pain.

All of our coaches and counsellors have had specific training in their area of expertise. Our mentors don't have any training or qualifications, but help people based on their own personal experience of removing alcohol from their lives.

OTI is proud to be one of the founding members of Sober Code, and all of our coaches, mentors and counsellor's subscribe to the following code of ethics:


  • to always help to protect those whose alcohol dependence makes them vulnerable

  • to always ask qualifying questions about alcohol dependence as part of the chemistry session if you believe that there is a risk of physical dependence (using the AUDIT tool)

  • to ensure that people who you suspect may be physically dependent on alcohol understand that withdrawal can be fatal if not managed properly

  • to always direct those who you believe may have a physical dependence on alcohol to seek more specialist treatment through their doctor

  • to ensure that all people seeking sobriety are treated with dignity and respect at all times

  • to always put the welfare and needs of the client before your own

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