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Sharon Hartley

AF Coach

Sharon is the co-host of the Over The Influence podcast and loves speaking to people from all different backgrounds about the reasons they decided to go alcohol-free and how their lives have changed for the better since they made that decision. She is passionate about showing others there is another way and that a life without alcohol is fun, exciting and a constant adventure of discovery. 

Sharon holds a Diploma in Coaching & Positive Psychology, accredited by the International Coaching Federation & The Association for Coaching.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Sharon. Sharon has a unique, attentive and genuine style and is able to strike the perfect balance between listening and inquisitively asking the right questions to enable her client to reflect, look at things differently and ultimately find solutions to problems.  Indeed, I have successfully navigated some very tricky personal and professional challenges during the time we have worked together. I now tackle challenges with a different perspective, finding myself reverting to a more methodological and measured approach that was absent previously. This has consequently encouraged me to make well-considered choices.  Sharon brings a warm, compassionate approach to her coaching that combined with good humour, will leave you feeling positive and confident in your decisions.

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