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Over the Influence is a free podcast, always has been and always will be!

It’s the only place for our one-of-a-kind, unfiltered cocktail of sober motivation, information, inspiration and laughter.

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Meet Your Hosts

We’re Sharon, Freddie and Ben, the founders of Over The Influence. 

The three of us are ex-professional drinkers, wine o’ clock merchants and party people who once considered the thought of giving up alcohol hilarious, impossible... and bloody scary.


Disillusioned by the lack of real support and motivation for real people, we decided to launch a podcast, and in 2020 Over The Influence was born.


Now, we have over five years of sobriety between us. We’ve lived through the fears, the tears, the trials, tribulations and self-doubt, and we’ve come out the other side.  


Today, we have over 75,000+ wonderful listeners across the globe.


Tune in and discover why we are the world’s fastest-growing alcohol-free podcast.

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Listen to our premium podcast!

Worried about tackling a sober wedding?

Bricking it about a booze-free BBQ?

Perhaps you’re petrified AF about a work p*ss-up, a girls night out...or just scared you’ll cave in when the wine witch comes calling on Friday evening.

Well, we give you the tools, tactics and motivation to get through ANY situation sober AF with our ‘premium podcast’ collection, exclusively available for Over The Influence members.

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