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Welcome to the OTI Blog

Hello there!

If you’re reading this, you’ve managed to find your way to our blog.

First of all, welcome!

It’s not easy to go against the norm and consider a sober life, but you’re already doing it.

We are here to tell you that the delights of living alcohol-free are more than worth it. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

And who are we?

We are Over the Influence.

A podcast and community made up of the stories of thousands of people, just like you.

We are out here in the world, facing reality, but more importantly, having a blast along the way.

There are a huge number of negative aspects to alcohol. You already know this. There’s hangovers, anxiety, self-loathing, bad health, bad decisions, wrecked relationships and all the rest of it.

Maybe one of these reasons led you to consider taking a break from drinking.

But even if it’s the negative aspects of alcohol that pushed you towards going alcohol-free, it’s the joys of sobriety that will push you to keep going.

On the other side of drinking awaits something more glorious than we could ever imagine.

What? You mean to tell us that living without alcohol is the more fun option?!

Seems strange, right?

Well, that’s because our whole lives we’ve been told the opposite. The world tells us that to live a fun, adventurous, meaningful life, alcohol is essential. Without it, you’re seen as a dull, pointless stick-in-the-mud.

However, that’s changing. Slowly, people are beginning to wonder if the more exciting, life-affirming way to live is removing alcohol and unlocking your potential.

There are hard bits, and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows (because nothing in life is), but we believe from the bottom of our hearts that there are a million joys of sobriety, and they are worth singing about.

The Blog

Our blog is dedicated to tips, tricks, and triumphs provided by our wonderful members. There are milestones, inspirational ideas, and personal successes written by people all over the world especially for you.

People have run marathons, had babies, climbed mountains, excelled at work, made friends, and everything in between.

Along the road of alcohol-free life, people have had epiphanies about life and want to inspire others. They’ve learned about how to navigate the world without alcohol and how to live their best lives.

And, of course, people have struggled. We aren’t going to shy away from this fact. But here, we have a supportive community where we lift each other up and act as a supportive network when the going gets tough.

On our blog you will find all this and more. Come here to read about the inspiring lives, thoughts, and experiences of others.

The Community

If you want to get even more involved, you can join our community here.

Being a part of this means you have instant access to our global community, can tune in to the premium podcast, can connect with others through our Zoom meet-ups and private messaging service, have the opportunity to attend masterclasses with alcohol-free experts and leaders, as well as so much more. We even organise trips (see OTI adventures), and have qualified coaches and professionals offering 1-2-1 sessions and ongoing group courses.

Remember, going AF isn’t just about white knuckling it and praying you don’t have a drink again. It’s about connecting, enjoying, and living life to the max. And that’s what we’re trying to do.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Peace and love,

The OTI team xx

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