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Freddie From West London

My teens and twenties were spent socialising and, of course, socialising meant alcohol.

From a very early age all of my socialising involved some form of booze, whether that was Lambrini in the park when I was 15, WKDs and alcopops in my later teens or the more ‘sophisticated’ white wine as I went through my 20s.

I loved being the party girl and so did all my friends. We were always at gigs, down our local pub or drinking round each others houses - weekends were messy, fun and very hungover.

But as I entered my late 20s, alcohol was no longer fun. I would blackout regularly, do things I wasn’t proud of and feel awful ‘hangxiety’ for days afterwards.

On the outside I looked successful but inside I was really struggling with wanting to socialise but hating the impact alcohol had on me.

I tried numerous times to stop, cut back, moderate, reset - you name it, I tried it! But no matter how much I ‘reset’ I’d always end up feeling horrendous.

Then, on 4th July 2021, after a particularly messy night and my niece being born, I realised I didn’t want this lifestyle anymore. Yes, I wanted to socialise and enjoy live music and being with my friends, but I didn’t want booze.

I had no idea if this was possible as everyone I knew drank but I threw myself into quitting. I devoured quit-lit and podcasts, and that’s where I found OTI.

Finding other like-minded people who were singing about sobriety was incredible. Since going sober I’ve been to Glastonbury, Butlins, numerous gigs, Aiya Napa, football matches and much more and loved them all!

I’ve also hiked mountains, met strangers (who have become great friends) off the internet, paddle-boarded in Wales, met a wonderful sober man and not spent one moment hungover!

Life is a million times better without booze and it is possible to enjoy life without it!

If you don’t enjoy doing it sober, do you really enjoy it at all?!

Thank you Freddie for sharing, you are helping inspire others that AF life can be fun and fulfilling!

If you'd like to share your story, get in touch with us at OTI. Join our community to gain access to exclusive content, events, and online meetings!

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