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Hello! My name is Sharon and I'm 48 years old living in lovely Lancashire with my husband and our 3 children who are 21, 19 and 14. 

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My Story

I'd started dabbling with booze in my teens, enjoyed partying with alcohol in my 20's, began to drink wine at home in my 30's then became a daily drinker in my 40's where a bottle of wine a night seemed perfectly acceptable ahead of a weekend planned around where I could drink, when I could start drinking, who I could drink with and how I could recover from drinking by drinking. 


I was drinking too much, too fast and too often so after yet another boozy summer back in 2018 I decided enough was enough. 


It was time to make a change and take a break from alcohol. 


Having done a few 30 day stints here and there I knew I needed to give myself longer but the thought of enduring a life without alcohol was utterly terrifying. 


But boozing was becoming boring and predictable and I wanted to jump off the hangover hamster wheel of hell.


I decided to take a 90-day break from alcohol on Monday 3rd September 2018 with the full intention of returning to a life fuelled by booze. 


But something glorious happened. 


I stopped drinking, I started living and I fell head over heels in love with alcohol-free life. 


Removing just one thing has changed my life in ways I didn't think possible and by shouting about it as loudly as I can through Over The Influence I hope it might help change yours too. 


Shaz x

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