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Over The Influence is a place to be happily and confidently alcohol-free.


If you're looking for sober connection both online and in real life, you've come to the right place!

Sharon Hartley

Sharon was a daily drinker before she removed alcohol from her life completely in September 2018. She drank too much, too fast, too often - but booze became boring, so she decided to jump off the hangover hamster wheel and start living her life to the full. 

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Member Bio Photo - Sharon

Ben Anderson

Ben gave up alcohol completely in July 2020 after a failed attempt at moderation. Ben strongly believes that you don't need to have a rock bottom to rethink your drinking - and that anyone can benefit from removing alcohol, no matter what kind of drinker they are.

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What our members say...


I’ve been a member of the OTI Community for six months and it’s the best group I’ve ever joined! Personally, I love the Zoom calls because it doesn’t get better than chatting face-to-face. I’m absolutely here to stay!

- Davina

I absolutely love OTI, and in particular I find the Zoom calls really useful. It's important to surround yourself with people who get it... And being able to sound off with people about all aspects of AF life is vital.

- Ian

Ian Thurlbeck.jpg

Joining the OTI community is the best gift I've ever given to myself. The support you get here is second to none. The OTI On-The-Go app is so helpful - if you're out and about and you have a wobble, there's always someone there in the forum who can help.

- Kelly

I gave up alcohol for good in the summer of 2021 and joining OTI was the best AF decision I've made! Before OTI my AF stints never stuck - its such a fun space to share your wins, and there's always someone to celebrate with you. 

- Neil

Neil Zoom

Benefits of Joining Our Alcohol-Free Membership Community include:

- Daily Zoom Calls

- Exclusive AF Discussion Forums

- OTI Member Messenger

- The OTI On-The-Go App

- Front Row Seats to OTI Podcast Recordings

- Member Discounts on 1-2-1 Support

- Exclusive Access to OTI Classes & Courses

- Priority Booking & Member Discounts on OTI Events

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