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Over The Influence is an alcohol-free membership community of sober rebels who are empowering the world to drink differently. 

Real Life. Real Connections. Real Change

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Drink Differently

We're a motivational alcohol-free membership community like nothing else on the planet.

We take an unfiltered, no-holds-barred approach to changing our drinking habits. Zero preaching, 100% positivity.

Whether you are on day one (again) or day 1,000, we give you the connections, motivation and community to help you get over the influence, stop drinking and START living. 


As an Over The Influencer you get:

Become a Member


Exclusive access to our global community

It doesn’t matter whether you need a laugh, kick up the backside, motivational speech or a shoulder to cry on...our exclusive online community is custom-built and takes sober connections to a whole new level.

We laugh together, we celebrate success together, we’re there for each other no matter what.


Premium Podcasts

The ONLY place to get access to our hidden vault of 'Premium Podcast' episodes.


These exclusive episodes will give you the motivation, laughter and tactics that will help you navigate ANY alcohol-related dilemma with ease. 


PLUS members get access to an exclusive new premium OTI episode every single week!


Intimate Access

Motivational masterclasses, inspiring articles, exclusive weekly interviews and the tips, tricks and tactics to help you get over the influence of alcohol for good.


We have BLOCKED and DELETED the bland ‘live your best life’ content you would find elsewhere. This is all thriller, no filler.


VIP Podcast & Event Access

We believe the opposite of addiction is CONNECTION. And we give you connections like never before.

As a community member, you will be invited to join every single episode of Over The Influence as it is recorded live. Join our hosts as they interview celebrities, musicians, authors, and experts and also get the opportunity to ask questions to the guests!​

You will also receive discounted, VIP tickets to all Over the Influence physical and virtual events.



No one wants a cheap t-shirt saying “I used to be a drunken d*ck”. So instead, we’re giving you exclusive discounts on our reassuringly expensive, luxury merchandise which proudly but subtlety boasts that you are ‘Over’ the influence.

PLUS, you’ll be included in free giveaways which will make you the envy of the wellbeing world.


OTI On-the-Go

Suddenly feeling the urge to drink and need a motivational boost? Not a problem! 


As a member, you can access the Over the Influence community on-the-go. This means you can live every day confident AF, knowing the power of the sober rebellion is cheering you on.

What to expect when you join:


Feel a true sense of sober connection, support and understanding that you will get nowhere else.


Get a turbo-charged shot of motivation that will empower you to do the things you thought you couldn’t do... and change your drinking habits for good.


Receive VIP access to the world’s most entertaining, uplifting and informative alcohol-free content.


Be welcomed in a safe, fun, positive community. We don’t care what colour, size, religion, sexuality or gender you are... and because we’re away from *that* social network, if you want to remain anonymous, that’s absolutely fine.


You can be part of the sober rebellion right here...right now. It is time to make history. This is your opportunity to be part of something. This is your time to make a difference. 

Become part of our amazing community, and get ready to change the world

"I’m looking forward to listening to the next episode, your guests are brilliant and you all are so natural and relatable. Keep up the brill work x”


Bahrain, Middle East


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