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We are an alcohol-free podcast and membership community of sober rebels who are empowering the world to drink differently!

Connect... Learn... Belong!

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The Over the Influence Podcast started in 2020 and has been listened to hundreds of thousands of times by people across the globe.  If you are just starting out or considering your own relationship with alcohol, we’ve got hours of free content to listen too.

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Worried about tackling a sober wedding?

Bricking it about a booze-free BBQ?

Perhaps you’re petrified AF about a work p*ss-up, a girls night out...or just scared you’ll cave in when the wine witch comes calling on Friday evening.

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Our Community Members are thriving...

What to expect when you join:

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Feel a true sense of sober connection, support and understanding that you will get nowhere else! 


Everyone who joins us has the same philosophy - that alcohol-free life is anything but boring! Connect with people who want to live their lives to the full, and do it with energy, motivation and enthusiasm.


Sign up, create your profile, and then dive in to everything the community has to offer, from discussion boards to OTI Chat.


We want Over The Influence to be your most well-used and most loved tool in your alcohol-free toolkit! 


Join our member-to-member Zoom calls to learn from others who are on the same journey as you, sign up to events to learn from our guests, read the articles in our Blog, listen to the Premium Podcasts... 


We know how important it is to surround yourself with AF content, especially in the early days - and we think we've done a pretty good job of covering all bases!

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If you've decided to remove alcohol from your life, our welcoming community is here to help you stay on track!


We use the word "belong" because we believe in building long-lasting relationships with our members, and we've already seen hundreds of them building long-lasting relationships with each other too!


This isn't a quick fix - this is a safe, fun and positive place to build long-term connections with people who know what you're going through. Our members get out of Over The Influence what they put in, and we can't wait to welcome even more active, passionate and enthusiastic people to our community!

Become part of our amazing community, and get ready to change the world

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