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Are You Ready To Rebel?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Only Read This If You Want To Change The World

When it comes to alcohol, so many of us are living in quiet desperation.

Whether you are on day 1 (again) or day 1,000...

Trying to drink differently can be hard. Really bloody hard.

Hundreds of thousands of people are weighed down by their worries, regrets and drunken mistakes of the past.

Let’s face it: When you decide to change your life...

...the world can be a lonely place.

But for the first time, you now have an opportunity to get a unique, fabulous blend of connection, motivation and support.

There is a way to become the calm, confident, happy version of yourself: The wonderfully different, unique person you always wanted to be.

First, we have to warn you: This is something totally different.

The big wellbeing brands are SCARED to try this…but we aren’t.

Because when you’re an ‘All or Nothing’ type of person...who wants to play it safe?!

Soon, we’re going to tell you all about it.

But don't forget, we’re not doctors, therapists, counsellors or coaches.

We’re just expert p*ssheads.

We’ve been there, drunk that and been sick down the t-shirt.

And all this experience (and SO many failures along the way) has enabled us to totally break the mould.

“This is for the rebels, the outcasts, the underdogs and the misfits”

This is for our tens of thousands of fans around the world..

And anyone who has ever wanted to change their relationship with alcohol…

So if you are...

  • Desperate to leave all that drunken crap and emotional baggage behind so you can love your life!

  • Wanting to become a sober superstar: the person you always dreamed you could be.

  • Excited about your partner, friends, family and loved ones saying how PROUD they are of you...because you got over the influence for good.

  • Bored of the dull, preaching doom & gloom of other alcohol-free programmes.

Then you've going to LOVE what we have to say.

But before you get carried away…

Here at Over the Influence, we are always 100% honest and upfront with you...

This isn’t free.

If you want to be part of this, it’s going to cost a few pence every day.

But how much did you used to spend on alcohol?

We’re giving you SO much wonderful, hilarious and uplifting content every single day (and we’ll tell you all about it in a minute)...that people have told us we should be charging WAY more.

And yes, it’s true there are other sober sites out there.

But you ain’t seen nothing like this...

‘The World's Favourite Sober Social Network’

No-one else makes sobriety as fun as we do.

Are you happy hanging out in places that make you feel like crap if you fall off the wagon, or inadequate...or lonely?

OR would you rather have FUN?! Get inspired, get motivated, change your life, have the time of your life...

AND be part of a Sober Rebellion that is going to change the bloody world!

Oh yes...AND we’re not on Facebook. So no more accidentally posting a deep, dark and private post about that time you got pissed….on your public wall.

We’ve had messages from people around the world who say that Over the Influence has changed their lives…

“The OTI community is a place where I feel I belong; it is inclusive, supportive and non judgmental...They have made me literally laugh out loud and also cry as the subjects covered can be raw, thought provoking and have resonated with me and my own experiences of my drinking days and the highs and lows of becoming alcohol free”

Mary, UK

Our amazing listeners around the globe asked us to create a wonderful, unique new platform for them

So a while back, we realised we had to make this crazy idea a reality….

Because when we tried to change our drinking habits, we found it SO bloody tough…

No one really ‘got it’

No one really understood why we wanted to change…

No one to motivate us when we were feeling low…

No one to give us the tactics and support we really needed...

No one to celebrate our sober milestones…

...because no one really knew how bloody difficult this whole ‘sober thing’ can be.

Sure, we tried a few other sites. But we never really felt like we ‘belonged’.

So that’s when we knew we HAD to do something different.

"OTI is absolutely brilliant. They bring a unique and very contagious enthusiasm to the sober life. They are truly transformational because they turn ‘I've got to do this’ into ‘This is fantastic!!’"

William Porter, Author, Alcohol Explained

Before we started Over the Influence, we felt SO alone and SO bored with sobriety at times.

We were so desperate to be able to LAUGH about drinking differently.

We wanted to feel understood, wanted to LOVE ourselves again, wanted our families to be PROUD of us.

BUT we didn’t have motivation, connection or guidance. So more often than not, we fell apart in one way or another....

Drinking, regret, self-loathing...if we weren’t doing it, we were wasting our lives thinking about it...which was almost as bad.

And we could never allow this to happen to our wonderful listeners.

You Haven’t Come This Far To Only Come This Far

This is why we had no other option but to create Over the Influence 2.0.

It wasn’t planned. We don’t have an evil 5-year marketing campaign, a crowdfunding plan or an ‘exit strategy’ lined up.

All we had was a calling. A mission. To empower one billion people to drink differently.

And have a bloody great time whilst they were doing it.

Drink Different. Be Different.

Like we said, there are other sites out there who help people embrace the alcohol-free life.

Some of them are even pretty decent.

But it always seemed like they were missing something. We never felt like we totally belonged.

And we made the mistake of thinking that we didn’t fit in because there was something wrong with us. That it was somehow our fault that we felt left out.


That’s why we knew it was time to create something madly, crazily, proudly, totally different.

“You all have TRULY made an impact, I just want you to know that. When you leave alcohol behind, you have a great potential to step into some serious power and you all joined forces and are doing amazing things. I thank the heavens for Over the Influence!” -

Jeanine, USA

With so many ‘sobriety’ sites focusing only on the doom & gloom, the diets, the depressingly difficult workout routines...and the dollars.

Is it any wonder that so many people are struggling right now?

This is why we knew we had to shake up the welling industry.

We had to start a Sober Rebellion.

And create a powerful, unique, totally independent Sober Social Network.

The place where people can connect with each other – and themselves – to get over the influence for good...and have the best damn time of their lives as well.

We are the ONLY people with the courage to tell it like it is – the victories, tears, triumphs, trauma...and the vomit down the t-shirt.

And we are the ONLY people who provide the exclusive content, community and motivation that makes drinking differently FUN.

We’re the underdogs, the rebels and the misfits...and we’re bloody PROUD of it.

This is why we had no choice but to create this exclusive Sober Social Network for YOU to change the world.

This is where you can be part of something huge.

This is where you make a difference.

And you know what? We must be doing something right… 70,000+ fans around the world...Featured in places like the BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian...iTunes Top 100 podcast.

"I SO loved meeting you guys! You know, I’ve done A LOT of podcasts recently, in the UK and the US, and I have to tell you, yours was my absolute favourite. You have a real talent, and I’m so thrilled that you’re rocking the AF life so brilliantly."

Clare Pooley, Author, ‘The Sober Diaries’

Join the Rebellion

This is where you get the opportunity to be part of something that matters. This is the time for true transformation: where the old worries and regrets you’ve been dragging around can finally be let go. We’re disrupting the wellbeing industry because there was NOTHING out there that made us smile, feel so happy and content and gave us amazing sober confidence. We put SO MUCH hard work and effort into this...but we wanted to create something that would truly change the world… ..and we DID!

“Wow wow wow! I can’t believe you guys pulled this off! I am truly amazed by Over the’s wonderful, crazy, motivational and FUN! I love it! ♥️

Hannah, USA

And now, it’s time to let a small bunch of rebels experience it for themselves When you become an Influencer, you get:

  • Loads of exclusive content, like our premium podcasts - a secret, members-only, SECOND Over the Influence podcast. New episodes released every single week, only for our wonderful Influencer members!

  • Intimate access to your favourite sober podcast hosts every single week as they interview experts in their fields. You can join Ben’s Business Lunch; Do Something Different with Shazza or Get Physical with Freddie.

  • Exclusive, behind the scenes access where you can be part of every episode of the Over the Influence podcast, LIVE!

  • VIP tickets to our live and local events

  • And you get to be part of an exclusive, global, PRIVATE community of members who are just like YOU.

And don’t forget – this is NOT on FACEBOOK! It’s the world’s favourite safe, secure and SPLENDID Sober Social Network! For a limited time, we‘re offering all this for a few pence every day. The private vault of premium podcasts are worth this alone. But you get SO much more.

  • Unique Sober playbooks - Worried about a wedding? Bricking it about a BBQ? Panicking about a party? Now you can hear the guidance that will help you handle any social situation confident AF

  • Regional Sober Groups and events…

  • Weekly workshops with Shazza, Freddie & Ben…

  • Monthly Masterclasses with the world’s leading alcohol-free and personal development experts…

  • Backstage passes to join every single episode of OTI and submit questions to our guests..

(We just interviewed a hugely popular sober star in the USA with 4.2m followers on social media...and we have some WORLD FAMOUS alcohol-free guests lined up for the second half of 2021). All of this for a monthly price that is cheaper than one round of drinks back in the old drinking days. Do other sober sites give you all this? Or do they just throw you in a Facebook Group with some painfully awkward FB Lives and Zoom calls every once in a while? Oh, and did the founder of your sober community arrange a Zoom call to give you a personal welcome when you joined? We do.

Because this is where You Matter. And we’re damn proud of what we’ve created...this is like nothing else on the planet. So we have ZERO interest in ‘packing the place full of paying customers’. Quality is SO much more important to us than quantity. That’s why we’re not doing freebies, discounts, offers, or coupons. In fact, we’re only opening the community up for a limited time, and the price is going up soon.

Getting Real

Look, if you don’t fancy’s absolutely fine. We’re not going to try and ‘convince’ or ‘sell’ you. But here’s an exclusive gift that should be music to your ears… The Over the Influence podcast that you know and love is now a weekly show FOREVER. And it will be FREE FOREVER. We know times are hard right now, so you DON’T have to make any more donations to the podcast. AND you’ll always get the free telegram from the Queen of Sobriety. So when you’re close to hitting 100 days AF, drop Shazza an email and she’ll send you a handwritten postcard to celebrate your amazing AF success!

You Always Have a Choice

So you can go on enjoying your fun, amazing, fabulous and free hit of the Over the Influence podcast.. Or you can be bold, take action and change your life FOREVER. You can have all that joy, that confidence, that laughter, motivation 24/7...every single day! You can connect with people who support you, motivate you, cheer you on and make you laugh.

You can never feel alone ever again. Because the opposite of addiction is connection! And now you can be part of the best sober connection in the whole wide world! You can be part of the rebellion. But the choice is yours. This offer isn’t going to last forever Places are limited. We are SO excited about you joining the family and becoming an Influencer. Look, you’re witnessing sober history, right here, right now. This is your opportunity to be part of something. This MATTERS. This is where you belong.

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