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FREE PODCAST: Don't let alcohol ruin your holiday

This time around, it's another Young & Sober takeover! At the end of every month, the podcast is presented by our dear Charlie Martina and Joey Duckworth - two amazing 20-something-year-olds who have discovered the joys of alcohol-free life relatively early on.

In this installment of their takeover pod, Charlie and Joey take inspiration from the fact that Charlie is recording the episode from Spain, having just travelled there from a holiday in Morocco, and decide to talk about sober vacations.

While alcohol is not illegal in Morocco, it is hard to come by, expensive, and generally frowned upon. As such, Charlie enjoyed a relatively different kind of getaway - one where alcohol had no presence.

If she HAD been drinking, Charlie said she wouldn't have had half as much fun.

Being inebriated in a foreign country would have been dangerous, for one, and she would also have been at a higher risk of losing something essential to her trip - like a phone or a passport.

In addition, drinking on holiday would have meant losing valuable time to hangovers, and forgetting whole entire sections of the break. And who has time for that?

"People say they go on holiday to rest, but if you're drinking the whole time you're going to come back feeling worse. You're not going to come back feeling restored and like you've had a break."

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