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FREE PODCAST: Remembering Amy - A life lost to alcohol

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

We're coming to you today to share the experience of our latest Free Podcast guest.

In this week's episode we talk to the incredibly resilient Jane Mackenzie.

Three years ago, Jane's daughter Amy tragically lost her life to alcohol.

Amy had struggled with alcohol addiction for a number of years prior to her untimely passing. Despite many, many attempts to break free from the disease, Amy needed additional, professional help that she simply was never given.

Adequate support and advice was also withheld from Amy's family during this time. Jane recalls that they were, in fact, given entirely incorrect advice - they were told to stand back, do nothing, and wait for Amy to reach 'rock bottom'.

Rock bottom, for Amy, meant the loss of her life.

Today, Jane is campaigning on behalf of her late daughter, giving her the voice she no longer has. She is calling for more awareness about the effects of alcohol, for a reduction in the stigma attached to addiction, and for increased supports for those affected.

"(If) we don't care about people dying from alcohol addiction, then the people in power aren't going to care either. We've got to start making a noise. We've got to start stirring it up. We've got to start bringing the power of all the people affected by alcohol addition together to start to try and change things."

You can listen to the rest of our conversation with Jane right here on the Free Pod. Let us know what you think of it.

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