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No & Low: AF Drinks on the Rise

Last year, $454mn of alcohol-free and low-alcohol brews were brought by people in the UK, up from $240mn in 2016. That's almost double the number of alcohol-free purchases in just five years.

Big alcohol companies have caught on to this trend, and almost all of them now offer alcohol-free alternatives. Not only that, but there are an abundance of booming alcohol-free businesses that have began in the last few years. From Three Spirit to Smashed, the number of AF brands continues to rise. On top of this are companies like The Alcohol Free Co, where you can browse a selection of no and low drinks created by different brands.

The technology is becoming more advanced, meaning alcohol-free alternatives can be made in a huge variety of ways, leading to a huge variety of tastes and types. Until a few years ago, nobody was investing in this market, and now it is bigger than ever before.

What Could This Mean?

This development has meant that people who want to have adult, varied drinks can find pretty much anything they are looking for.

For the alcohol-free and sober curious community, this is great. It means you can try something interesting and tasty, without having to resort to the standard Diet Coke or water.

It also seems to nod to the fact that more people are embracing this lifestyle and choosing not to drink, at least some of the time.

With more people trying no and low drinks, the word spreads, which has led to a rise in their popularity. This means they have become commonplace in bars, restaurants, and supermarkets. The presence of such options is bound to spark conversations about alcohol, which, in turn, is making more people question their relationship with drinking.

The continuing rise of this market means that more and more people will opt out or cut down their drinking. At the very least, the rise of AF drinks is slowly normalising choosing something other than a pint when you're at the pub. That alone, is something to be celebrated.

Do you have a favourite alcohol-free drink, brand, or product? How do you think the rise of no and low drinks has impacted us as a society? Tell us in the comments below!

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