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Welcome to Sober October

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

It’s that time again.

The streets are a little colder, and spookiness looms ahead.

No, not Halloween…

It's Sober October!

But it need not be the scary time we expect it to be.

It is a chance for people to test the waters when it comes to sobriety. A time people can do doubly good by taking care of their health and raising money at the same time. A time that those already on the sober path can inspire others to give it a go.

The Sober October movement was started by Macmillan Cancer Support that asked people to go sober for 31 days to raise money for people with cancer.

Since its beginning, the event has raised over £33 million.

Nowadays, people raise money for all kinds of causes as they take a month off booze this autumn.

As well as that, sober groups and alcohol-free communities have joined the cause and encouraged others to try it out.

And for some people, it is about more than just a month break.

It’s about trying out a new way of life and seeing if it’s something they could do long term.

Whatever the reason, the idea that someone is going to take a break from alcohol has become more normal through these movements, and that can only be a good thing.

Here at OTI, we will be sharing people’s stories throughout the month to celebrate Sober October.

We hope that the incredible stories of OTI members will inspire others to join the community, whether they want to give up alcohol completely or start by cutting down.

There is no right way to do alcohol-free life, and we at OTI want to be clear about that.

We are a non-judgemental, diverse, open community.

We want to hear about all the different ways and whys that people have for quitting booze.

Would you like to share your story for Sober October? Get in touch with us on or leave a comment below!

To join our community and be supported in your alcohol-free journey, click here and gain access to exclusive content, zoom meetings, and in-person events!

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